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Welcome once again to the Washington DC / Baltimore page for The Jack Of All Pipes/Russ Walton Voice Talent worldwide voiceover & audio production service. Male Voice Talent and broadcast ready audio production for commercials, promos & imaging, web-corporate-documentary-educational video narration, voice tracking, live announcing and more!

Hi, I'm Voice Talent Russ Walton. Growing up in Baltimore, close enough to Washington DC to smell the politics (or, was that just Dundalk?), my first experience with voice-overs, announcing and audio production was also my first radio job. WBYQ, the Essex Community College station at the time, allowed me to sit in that magical chair behind the mic. At first I was just doing the news but not too long after, I was given the morning slot. Back then, we were still using carts and

audio editing was analog (razor blade and tape!). Fast forward many years and many radio jobs later, and here I am in lovely Arizona, but I always long to come back home!




About The Narrator:  For the active DC voice over pro, video and film narration can be very lucrative. A narrator is of course the title a Baltimore voice talent is given when they put voice over a video or film in a story-telling, informational or instructional manner. Welcome to the Voice Over Baltimore page of Jack Of All Pipes. A narrator can add deep depth to a character in a piece being filmed, can be used as an unseen “teacher” in corporate training & how-to

videos, or as the “omniscient” resource in a documentary.

Remember that as a Washington DC voice talent, you’re doing a completely different job with narration than you might normally do with a voiceover. You’re not selling anything. You're informing. So, you end up having to employ a unique method of speech. Rather than forcing your pipes to emphasize points of an ad, the narrator is much more relaxed and informative. Smooth and light or smooth and serious are what you’d really be focused on. You've arrived at this page,

Voice Over DC, based on a search that may or may not have included Baltimore Voice Talent.

Therefore, one of the biggestt challenges a narrator faces is making sure the voice over ( Baltimore ) talent can keep that professional and informative feel throughout the entire gig, since most narration scripts are much longer than a standard commercial. One thing I’ve found that helps me when I play the part of a narrator and I find my voice changing over the course of the narration, is going back to the first paragraph and reading it over again.

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