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A Nashville voice talent never really knows what kind of client they’ve got ( voice over Nashville ) until they work with them. Some clients are mellow and easy, others are demanding and stringent. Voice Over Nashville. Because of that, and because you want to represent your own company in the best way possible, you may often have to play the part of the “diplomat” when doing Nashville voiceover work.


The ugly truth is that to keep some clients as repeats, you definitely have to do some kissing up. (Voice Over Nashville) That’s basic sales. { Voiceover Nashville } Now that doesn’t mean you have to give up every part of your personality and let the client walk all over you. Voice over Nashville. It does mean that you may have to be a politician and actually use your tactful skills of diplomacy to manipulate a client in some way. Voice over Nashville.


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A Nashville voice-over client that is very demanding may require some pampering, but you also need to let them know that you are a professional announcer or narrator and know what you’re doing. ( Voice Over Nashville. ) Don’t argue with the client, but try and point out a few different ways of doing things that they may not have though of yet.


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In contrast, a voice over Nashville client that is very mellow (maybe too mellow), may not give you any feedback or direction at all. Voice over Nashville. These can be tricky as it’s all too easy to “take over” ( voice-over Nashville )and be seen as being a bit too aggressive by the mellow client. { Voice-over Nashville } Ask them how they feel about the piece and perhaps offer some suggestions, [ Voice Over Nashville ] but make sure the client knows they’re still the boss.

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Sometimes, things can be going well during a voice over Nashville session with a customer, then for no apparent reason, things go south. Voice Over Nashville. In a case like that, you have to quickly rush in as the diplomat ( Voice Over Nashville ) or politician and use a silver tongue to get things back on track for your voice over Nashville job. [ Voice Over Nashville. ]


It’s a tricky one, but with some savvy and some smooth talking, you can lead the horse to water and get it drink, too! Voice Over Nashville.
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